New podcast: Staying cool talking with your teen's school.


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Great episode, as always, thank you

I loved your episode on over-reacting. I hadn’t realizad I respond exactly the way I was brought up. We are a family of over-reacters and it explains so much. (Must be our Italian genes) I will definitely try the acronym and put it on a post-it in my mirror. Thank you again for such valuable advice, Claudia

My newfound educational coffee break

I’m really enjoying your podcast series and feel comforted and informed whilst navigating life with two teenage girls (15 and 13). Thank you so much 😊

Just what I needed!

I spent ages trying to "fix" my teenager when I stumbled across these podcasts and discovered they don't need fixing but understanding. You have helped me understand my daughter and be able to talk to her, handle her and most importantly help her get through this difficult time. Being that these podcasts come from presenters who actually have teenagers themselves makes the program "real" because they really understand what we are going through and are able to advise us first hand with what they did, how they handled it. Keep up the great work, and thank you

Massively useful and thought provoking

Hi guys - I just wanted to let you know how much I value your podcast and how helpful and reassuring I find it. And the timing of this episode on overreacting was uncannily perfect: I have listened to it twice! I've actually found it massively useful and thought provoking in relation to a relationship with a Mum friend of mine who really triggers me and gets inside my head so I thought that would be useful to say: that its all so useful for all of our relationships, not just those we have with our kids. Anyway, huge thanks for all your work and top tips and all good things! x Tara

Almost Perfect

I do love this podcast and find it so helpful around numerous difficult subject matters with our teenage children. I do however wonder if your own children are really that perfect. It seems that whenever you mention your children you are relieved they have never been interested in drugs, vaping, porn etc etc when I am sure they have. It would be more genuine if you talked about a situation that you had to deal with rather than I asked my children who thankfully just aren’t interested in X but here’s what to do with your kids who have.

Just what I was looking for

I really wanted a normal podcast of parents who don’t pretend they or their teenagers are perfect. I have learnt a lot of handy tips, and things I hadn’t even thought of. It is hard when a lot of people don’t like to talk and they make out their children are wonderful. This feels like a safe place to explore all topics and even to message the hosts! I like that it is modern as well so really keeps up with the times, social media and the world in general. They should send this out the moment your child turns 13!!


Loving this show. I find it so helpful, practical and real. I like the "nuggets", the research and personal stories. Keep it up!!! - Jamie from America

To say you've been a lifesaver is an understatement.

I just want to say a huge than you to both of you. I have 2 teenagers (girl and boy) and struggle without a support network as I live in Istanbul, far from family and in a culture that doesn't discuss these kinds of issues. I discovered you in September and have listened to every episode on my way to and from work. To say you have been a lifesaver is an understatement. Your wisdom has completely changed how I relate to my teens. I can't wait for more episodes. In the meantime wishing you both a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Thank you so much. I'm extremely grateful and not so terrified now.

Hey ladies, I'm new to your podcast after looking for ways to support my son after his move up to senior school. Not quite a teenager but has changed so much and is really struggling to settle into senior school. He has gone from being a popular child with lots of friendships to spending breaktimes on his own and not finding his tribe. Listening to Episode 26 has given me so so much more understanding of how and where I can work with him to get him settle in. Thank you so much for sharing. I am extremely grateful and not so terrified now. I will be staying tuned for sure. Sending love.

You should be at the top of the podcast charts!!

Thank you so much for all the research and time you put into this podcast and all the others. It was so interesting and enlightening. It encouraged me to challenge some of my internal thoughts around gift giving and my own expectations!! You should be top of the podcast charts!! I found you when my son started experiencing anxiety and listening to your podcast on that subject helped me so much and how to approach it and it worked. Thanks again.

So helpful.

Hi Rachel, I am very much enjoying your teenage podcast - so helpful and reassuring. My teen is now in secondary school and full teenage mode! Girls, fashion and Snapchat are key to his existence!

Absolutely love this!

You are so great to listen to. It’s like spending time with knowledgeable friends.

Love the podcast so much!

Thanks for all the advice. This is Aurelia from Beauty Box. Myself and my colleague Danielle have listened to every episode and I will listen to them all again to take notes. It is honestly so insightful and helpful. xx

Thank you.

Hi Rachel and Susie, I want to start with thank you. I'm a secondary school teacher and have been working with teenagers quite successfully for 30 years however was totally unprepared for parenting a teenager myself.

Really enjoyed listening to this.

Thanks so much for this. Really enjoyed listening as I am sure many, many others would do too. Was very taken by surprise by how hard I found it, so a lot resonated with me and your explanation and tips are spot on.

You guys are awesome!

Some people really want/need help but cannot afford to go to a therapist. You and Susie are really, really helping people. I kid you not, when I listen to you two it makes me feel so calm and puts a smile on my face. You guys are so upbeat, honest and caring and most importantly, give great advice. I've tried to listen to alternatives and my God they are boring! Keep going.

THANK YOU so much!

Hello! I live in Paris, and discovered your podcast yesterday. I was looking for a pick-me up after my 13 year old daughter left for a week at her dad' place, and our week together had been particularly tense and difficult. I cannot stop listening to you!!! Firstly, your voices are so soothing and reassuring, it feels as if 'I hear you, everything will be alright, just be kind to yourself.' But most importantly, every piece of advice you give resonates so much with me! Every time you say something, I can't help myself. 'Wow, that's amazing, I need to try this and it makes so much sense!' I've actually started taking notes in a brand new little notebook I was keeping for a special occasion. So, from the bottom of my heart (and probably soon from my daughter's & the rest of the family's!) THANK YOU so much. You sound like two amazing human beings and your children are really lucky to have you as their mums. Looking forward to listening to you soon. Kind regards, Alexandra

Love, love your podcasts!

All of them. So current in today's society. You certainly have one of the best podcasts available on teenage issues. Thank you! I will recommend your series to the teachers at my daughter's school. They also find the girl issues difficult. I am certain it will help them a lot. I just had a short discussion with my son about pornography, thanks to your podcast. I've also forwarded it to my husband. I know it will help him prepare for his chit-chat-serious-talk-about-pornography in future.

Parenting Tips 8: Vaping

After I listened to this podcast I talked to my teens about it. The part that hit hard with them was when I told them that the vaping industry mainly relies on young people like themselves becoming hooked on it, treating them like mugs! They didn’t like that idea.


The anxiety episode was fab, even the bit at the beginning when you spoke about talking about porn to a child and said I need a few minutes of your time, it will be over quick and you may squirm. Really helpful way of putting it. I have invited my friends to follow you. Andrea

Pornography episode

Just listened to your podcast on Pornography. It's one of my great fears that my two early teens will be sent images on their phones that they don't want to see and shouldn't have to see. listening to you both with your words of wisdom both from research and experience was greatly reassuring and also gave me great tools to chat to my two. I actually decided that it maybe good for them both to listen to the podcast themselves as you both talk sensitively, maturely (obviously!) and with a lot of commonsense which is how I would like to be able to talk to them both so maybe removing myself from what I think could be an awkward conversation is the right thing to do. Some of the language and description suggesting violence, trauma, coercion etc maybe too much for them so I may do a cut and paste job! Many thanks for discussing such tricky topics. Eve

I cannot thank you both enough for your podcasts.

It has literally been my saving grace. My daughter is 12 and a half, and navigating the dramatic overnight change from baby girl to tween has been tricky. I am naturally reactive and your podcasts have been therapy for me, giving me the tools to change my habits. And today it worked! As we drove to school I asked her 'what's the goss?' After a few 'nothing much's' she told me about this girl from another school who was being mean to her. Instead of reacting I had your voices in my ear saying 'listen, repeat, listen, repeat, silence is Ok, active listening.' And she opened up more and told me everything. I gave her a couple of calm suggestions just at the drop off point, and she got out of the car saying 'OK, thanks mum.' A few weeks ago I wouldn't have been able to do this without reacting and giving my opinion, bla bla. It felt so empowering and I was so grateful that she opened up to me. I absolutely love your podcasts and I am listening to them again, a big hug and thank you to you both. I am so grateful that you both are sharing your wisdom, anecdotes and advice. Big hugs

I found both of you amazing and really addressed everything that was going on in our life right now.

I came across your podcast while searching for something to help me survive these crippling and exhausting times with three young girls. I have been exhausting my brain while trying to figure out how I should manage an emotional time with my eldest amazing teenage daughter with her friendships. And while I thought I had all the answers, after listening to your podcast while walking and clearing my own head, I realised that I am pushing all my own anxiety onto her, making everything so much worse. I found both of you amazing and really addressed everything that was going on in our life right now so I want to thank you both for making me aware of what was happening and know that this is normal. Your podcast gave me some amazing insight as to how to manage this and steps of how to deal with it.

This is just what I needed today!

Absolutely love this. I'm a MH social worker, have worked alongside psychiatrists and psychologists for 20 years and think I'm pretty skilled...Then, daughter goes to high school and WHAM, this is a whole new world of chaos and I've been reading, researching and scrolling and today, found this and oh my, this has hit the nail on the head! I feel like I have so much more clarity now and therefore am able to help my daughter through this turbulent time. Brilliant, just brilliant, will be listening to all the episodes and waiting for more. Thank you!

Thank You!

I keep meaning to message you to say how much I've enjoyed the podcast. It's so insightful, and entertaining too. You and Susie are brilliant together - so THANK YOU! I'm spreading the word to other parents.

Very helpful tips

These ladies make me feel like I’m at a supportive book club where tips and suggestions are thrown out for me to select what I need to get through the day, week, month…. Without a support network around me this in invaluable listening and very reassuring that we can get through the teenage years in one piece. Thank you!

I love these!

You are so genuine and honest. I love the info and resources. Very relatable and fun to listen. Thank you!

Easy to listen

Love your parenting coaching podcasts. Really clear & useful. Thank you so much for sharing this. You are so professional & confident & easy to listen to. x