New podcast: Staying cool talking with your teen's school.


Teenagers Untangled is an audio hug for parents going through the teenage years, made by two mums. Rachel is a former BBC Correspondent and parenting coach, Susie is a Mindfulness Coach and qualified psychotherapist.

When our kids are little there are lots of ways in which we can meet up with other parents to share, and laugh about our problems. Once they head off to senior school those regular points of contact with other parents fall away, and the problems can be more difficult.

That’s why we started this podcast, to chat about what it takes to raise a teen, and hopefully have a bit of light relief along the way. For more discussion and tips, you can find us on Facebook and Instagram. Find courses with Susie at

About the Hosts

Rachel RichardsProfile Photo

Rachel Richards


My main career was as a BBC Correspondent, World News Anchor for CNBC, BBC World New Radio, and roving reporter/newsreader on local radio.

I’ve always been fascinated by parenting so loved being a Parenting Supercoach for Parent Gym, working in the most deprived boroughs of London.

I’m now the mother of two step-daughters and two teenagers. A failed dog-trainer (you try it in a house where everyone else gives them cheese) and terrible, but enthusiastic, gardener. I’m a long time lover of Ashtanga yoga, jogging, hiking, skiing, reading, music, and all types of adventurous travel.

I was born in Zambia and lived in six different countries by the age of ten, before settling in the UK.

Susie AsliProfile Photo

Susie Asli

Susie started practising mindfulness over a decade ago, after a particularly stressful time in her life. It was so effective that she decided to train in Mindfulness with the NHS and the Mindfulness in Schools project to become a Paws b and dot b practitioner, which enables her to teach mindfulness both to primary and secondary school children.

Susie teaches adult groups, 1:1s, families, in schools (children & teachers) and students (at the Guildhall College of Music & Drama).

She's also a qualified psychotherapist (from the Psychotherapeutic Institute in Copenhagen) and a trained musician (working and playing as a freelance viola player and chamber musician, as well as teaching children and adults).

Susie is mum to three children whom she has parented alone for 12 years