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Dec. 16, 2022

One year on!

One year on!

16th of December 2021 was the day our first episode dropped, and here at Teenagers Untangled HQ - AKA the kitchen table - we are thrilled by how much we have learned, how much it has helped our own families, and how much you have supported our growth.

A year on and I'm so grateful to Alex for telling me I should be podcasting, and to Susie for being my everything.

I cringe at the editing and sound on the first episode, but I had never needed to be that involved in the technical side when I was broadcasting, so it's been quite a challenge getting to grips with it all. I'm still battling popping microphones and an editing programme that occasionally shuts down unexpectedly, but it's much smoother than it was.

The other thing that's changed is the format. I started out thinking it would be good to cover two topics in one show, but more recently realised it's harder to search for a subject, and each episode was becoming too long.

I cut it down to one topic and added the golden nugget section, because everyone benefits when we share things we've learned. It also helps me get ahead with scheduling.

Have you noticed that the schedule isn't particularly consistent? Sorry about that. We're both busy mums doing this in our spare time, so I try to get the research done then message Susie to ask her when she can squeeze time out of her busy coaching schedule to come over and record. Sometimes it works, sometimes we have to contend with noisy plumbers, dogs, delivery men, needy teenagers... life gets in the way.

Anyway, we'd love to know what you think works and what doesn't. We love all of the ideas you've thrown at us so far, and we particularly celebrate getting feedback.

As I trawled through the download statistics it became obvious that some of you are doing a fantastic job of spreading the word in your own towns and cities. Thank you, we really appreciate it. Keep the messages coming and remember you're not alone.

We have one last bonus episode coming out on Monday, then we break until the new year, so Susie can have her first EVERY holiday with all of her kids!

❤️Big hug Rachel ❤️