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Jan. 12, 2023

Favourite family games for you to try.

Favourite family games for you to try.

I'm always fishing for new games to play with my family. I find it brings us all together, makes us laugh, and releases some of the pent up energy that builds between family members.

Here are the most loved games we played over our Christmas break, please let us know if you have favourites we should try.

Perudo (AKA Liar's Dice, Dudo, and Bluff) - I did a review of this on our Instagram account. We love it, because it's quick, addictive, fun, and enjoyable for all ages. In a nutshell, everyone has a pot with five dice that they throw, but only they know which numbers are showing under there pot. It's a game of trying to guess how many of any particular number has been thrown eg ten sixes. You can play it anywhere, and if you lose any of the dice they're simple and cheap to replace. We've had it for years and there are still weekly requests from our teenager for a quick game.

Monopoly Deal - as someone who has come to loathe Monopoly because it's too long and involved, it's a surprise to adore this game as much as we do. The principles are based on Monopoly (accumulating streets and houses etc) but it it's quick and the wild cards can throw everything at the last minute. Game play feels brief, entertaining, it's the perfect balance between luck and skill/sneakiness, and is completely addictive. You can play it anywhere and everyone I've played it with has enjoyed it. 

Downside: If you lose a card then you need to buy a new set. 

Sussed - less of a game, more of a thing to pull out before supper or to break the ice. I didn't follow any rules, merely distributed cards to each person. One of the questions - for example - was where do you think I would rather live? A big old house with a swimming pool and tennis court? A modern house in a town? A cottage with land where I can keep chickens and can grown things. Each person in the family bids then the person with the card reveals their answer. My teens absolutely loved it, and wanted to keep going.

Taskmaster - is the most fun we've had as a family in years, in fact my 16 year old said she didn't remember ever laughing that much. It's based on a TV show that I've never seen.

You can play a single round where one person is Taskmaster, or you can continue playing until everyone has had a turn in that role. Be warned, if you opt to play so everyone gets to be Taskmaster it could take all day and you may eventually run out of steam/trash the house.

Winner of the most stripey.

I would recommend making the 'weakest' person in your family Taskmaster first; you know, the one who is always slightly behind everyone and feels disempowered?

Winner of best portrait.

There will be hilarious arguments, but the Taskmaster's decision is final.  

Downside: once a task envelope has been used it can't really be used again, so the game needs replenishing eventually. 

One other top tip from a friend was to set up a WhatsApp family Wordle group and race each day to see who can get the word first. Hilariously, it’s causing my husband much consternation, because he’s desperate not to be beaten by the rest of us! We all goad him into doing it and he spends ages trying to work it out.

Even if you don't normally play games as a family, and it seems to be met with resistence, why not try one of these? You might be pleasantly surprised by the response. 

Susie and I will meet next Tuesday to record the next episode, which will hopefully get us back into a more regular routine again. 

A very big hug from us both, 

Rachel and Susie