Teenagers Untangled - Parenting tips from the frontline.

I cannot thank you both enough for your podcasts.

It has literally been my saving grace. My daughter is 12 and a half, and navigating the dramatic overnight change from baby girl to tween has been tricky. I am naturally reactive and your podcasts have been therapy for me, giving me the tools to change my habits.

And today it worked! As we drove to school I asked her 'what's the goss?' After a few 'nothing much's' she told me about this girl from another school who was being mean to her. Instead of reacting I had your voices in my ear saying 'listen, repeat, listen, repeat, silence is Ok, active listening.' And she opened up more and told me everything. I gave her a couple of calm suggestions just at the drop off point, and she got out of the car saying 'OK, thanks mum.'

A few weeks ago I wouldn't have been able to do this without reacting and giving my opinion, bla bla. It felt so empowering and I was so grateful that she opened up to me.

I absolutely love your podcasts and I am listening to them again, a big hug and thank you to you both. I am so grateful that you both are sharing your wisdom, anecdotes and advice.

Big hugs

June 15, 2022 by Gabby on This Website

Teenagers Untangled - Parenting tips from the frontline.