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April 28, 2023

40: Exam revision - parenting through the pressure.

40: Exam revision - parenting through the pressure.
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It's pre-exam time of year again, and oh boy it's tough for our teens.

Does yours have a colour-coded revision schedule, carefully-timed breaks, and a confident spring in their step? Maybe they don't seem to be doing enough revision, and you're the one panicking? Or are they losing their sh## with everyone in the house and struggling to stay on top of it?

Both of us have teens currently revising for important exams, so we thought it might be helpful to chat about how we support them. We talk about the top tips from Jade Bowler, who went from a U in Chemistry to an A*, and how important it is for us to help our teens keep their perspective.




  • The Only Revision Guide You’ll Ever Need by Jade Bowler
  • DrFrost
  • Amoebasisters
  • Khan Academy


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