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April 18, 2023

39: Underage sex: the parenting dilemma and what to consider.

39: Underage sex: the parenting dilemma and what to consider.
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Most first world countries agree that the age of consent is around sixteen, but teenagers don't suddenly awake to their sexuality on their sixteenth birthday. Sexual feelings and interest can start much younger, well before they’re able to understand the implications. One mother has asked us to talk about the issue, because she's struggling to find useful content.  

Knowing the law helps guide us as parents, but it doesn't exactly stop teens from vaping and drinking if they want to, so we have to be prepared to consider how to deal with underage interest in sex. 

Gone are the days when most people held back until marriage, and with the advent of free internet porn and social media there's a chance that our teens may know more about sex than we do. 

So what should we be saying to them, how do we keep them safe, and how can we help them to know when they're ready for that next adventure in life? 



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